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The Executive Committee of the WideScreen Film & Music Video Festival!

  • Masha Silberberg
    Vice-President of Programming
    Born in a small Siberian town in Russia, Masha was raised in a hard-working class family by her grandmother and her father. In school, she took drama classes and performed in the local theater. Although she was a reserved child, she always enjoyed being on stage and performing for audiences. At the age of 22, Masha earned her Master's degree in Civil Engineering. While attempting to pursue a career as an architecture teacher, fate brought her to the United States, where she discovered her true passion in life. She started modeling for local designers and in 2010-2012, appeared in many runway shows, including Miami Beach International Fashion Week, Haiti Fashion Week, and multiple charity shows around South Florida, representing both locally and internationally recognized designers. In 2012, Masha auditioned for a leading role in an independent feature film "What Lies Beyond...The Beginning", directed by Jarrod A Knowles, and successfully landed what would be her first leading role in a film. While working on developing and refining her acting skills, as it relates to her character in the film, she took acting classes at the prestigious Acting School of South Florida. Furthermore, in 2014 she went on to master her craft with Gilda Pianelli and Barbara Sloan at the University Center for the Performing Arts, as well as Sherman Roberts at Burt Reynolds Institute. Additionally, Masha was an Honorary Judge, during the 2014-2015 festival season, the director of programming during the 2015-2016 festival season and now currently serves as the VP of Programming for the distinguished and internationally recognized Wide Screen Film & Music Video Festival, which takes place annually in South Florida.
  • Jarrod A Knowles
    Founder & President
    A visionary leader and serial entrepreneur, who as just an undergraduate at the FIU, started a movie production company JAK Vision, which went on to produce What Lies Beyond...the beginning, garnishing more than 100,000 Youtube Hits in a single day and then to air at the AMC Theatre in Miami. He is passionate about creating these same opportunities for you!


Our Mission:”To inspire the creation and distribution of Art, while ultimately enhancing the creative mind.”

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